Automation of operation / Ease of use

Automation? Just prepare your sample, our microscope does the rest for you!

Intensity and oscillation amplitude distribution maps of cantilever's reflective backside coating.

With the SmartSPM the automated click-on-a-button laser-to-tip alignment sets researchers free from this routine operation. This feature also provides a high level of the system adjustment reproducibility that doesn't depend on operator's experience. But this is just the beginning of all the automation built-in into the SmartSPM!
In the automatic mode the operator should only specify the main probe parameters and required scan area to let the SmartSPM perform the full system adjustment, engage the probe with the sample surface and start scanning. The minimal learning period as well as the very quick start of measurements (less than 5 minutes!) makes the SmartSPM a perfect solution for any multi-user facilities.

Test your cantilever before running measurements

Only with the SmartSPM it's become possible to test cantilever's reflective backside coating before starting any measurements by mapping the distribution of cantilever's oscillation amplitude. In addition, after the mapping is done, the operator can manually choose the most appropriate position of the laser spot on the cantilever based on his specific measurement requirements.

Quickly find the right place on your sample

The combination of the motorized sample positioning in the horizontal plane and the high resolution top-view optics allows researchers to easily find the surface area where the further scanning is to be done. This combination is also powered by the calibrated software video grabbing, so the user can identify the interesting location on the sample surface and move the cantilever where by clicking on the video image on his computer screen. During this process there is no any irritating light blinking. The optical image remains absolutely clear, because the AFM laser is 1300nm IR.

Break the software limits

For advanced users both the embedded scripting language (Lua) and DSP programming macro language are available. They allow them to easily personalize and automate his SPM experience by extending the SmartSPM software with his custom program extensions in such categories as scanning, force curves, nanolithography, high-throughput screening (HTS) and more.

Our demonstration of Ease of Use