Reorganization of magnetic domain structure of garnet film

The magnetic domain structure of garnet film is being reorganized by a cantilever tip with a magnetic coating. The 1300 nm IR laser of the AIST-NT AFM system allows the user to clearly observe the sample during the scanning process. In the meantime, it also points out the fact that the selected cantilever is not suitable for MFM measurement of such magnetic samples.

AIST-NT and INRS-EMT present a new application note from the group of Professor Andreas Ruediger

AIST-NT presents a new application note by the group of Professor Andreas Ruediger at INRS-EMT, University of Quebec (Canada) focusing on high-resolution ferroelectric domain imaging and hysteresis measurement by piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM) with the SmartSPM 1000.

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AIST-NT Fast scanning example



Sample: Celgard
Scan size: 1x1 um, 400x400, 10 Hz
Cantilever: Nanoworld Arrow-UHF-SPL, 1.2MHz


Single layer flakes of Graphene Oxide deposited on functionalized mica

DNA on HOPG modified with 1-Octadecylamine

azelaic acid

Hexaglycylamide lamellae (type I) on HOPG

azelaic acid

14 nm Gold Nanoparticles

In this phase image, the lower right nanoparticle clearly shows the pentagonal shape. The ability to distinguish the shape of such a small nanoparticle despite significant convolution effect is quite an impressive result. Click to see additional 600x600nm topography and phase images of this nanoparticle as well as 300x300nm images.

Ultra high resolution imaging of Palmityl Palmitate ( AKA Cetyl Palmitate) deposited on HOPG

azelaic acid

Imaging of nanoparticles sized from 30 to 150nm

azelaic acid

AIST-NT’s AFM provides clear advantages in nanoparticle imaging compared to SEM. Nanoparticles sized from 30 to 150 nm can be imaged without disturbing their position on the substrate.

Fast scanning, new achievements: High quality noncontact measurements of HOPG with scan rates up to 70 Hz

AIST-NT presents the new achievement in fast scanning technology using the combination of SmartSPM™ scanner, NanoWorld ArrowTM UHF (ultra high frequency) silicon probe and AIST-NT’s MagicScan™ technology.
Measurements conditions: Sample – HOPG; 8x8 microns area; 512х512 points; Probe - NanoWorld ArrowTM UHF silicon probe, resonant frequency 1.1 MHz Mode - AC-noncontact; cantilever oscillation amplitude - 8nm.
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