Trimesic acid on HOPG

azelaic acid

Two different types of the molecular arrangement of trimesic acid deposited on HOPG are clearly seen: linear lamellae and hexagonal packing. The true molecular resolution in ambient conditions has been practically achieved.

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Piezo Response Force Microscopy of piezoelectric materials with the SmartSPM

Azelaic acid on HOPG

The lamellar structure of Azelaic acid deposited on HOPG was investigated by successive zooming starting from 200nm scanning area down to 25nm.  All the images were measured with the closed loop on.

CLCD - cholesteric liquid-crystalline dispersion

azelaic acid

TERS results on Si/SiO2 measured using OmegaScope (Nanofinder 30 - SmartSPM)

New TERS results on carbon nanotubes measured using OmegaScope (Nanofinder 30 - AIST-NT AFM)

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