High Speed and High Quality Scanning has become a reality!

One of the unique features of the SmartSPM is its scanner. Due to our innovative design and flexure guide technology, this scanner with the built-in capacitive sensors shows the unmatched performance characteristics (significant scanner natural frequencies come up to 20-30 kHz in XY and up to 35-40 kHz in Z) allowing a significant increase in the scanning speed without sacrificing the image quality while using the standard cantilevers. The scanner allows the high scan rate imaging of samples with coarse topography features.

The advanced digital controller equipped with the optimized scanning control algorithms (MagicScan Technology) allows to decrease the phase lag, overshooting and ringing during the scanning process, making sure that the quality of the image remains the same even at higher speeds and during the online speed changes.

The novel proprietary MFM imaging mode allows the user to obtain the magnetic profile of the sample at outstanding speed. This MFM image of the magnetic structure of surface domains in Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) film was acquired at 10 Hz scan rate.